The last post explored why over 90% of people are magnesium-deficient:

  1. Global farming practices have left our food supply depleted.
  2. Our exposure to envrionmental magnesium-draining, intestine-damaging stress is at all-time highs.

In this post we look at how we can improve our body’s magnesium status by reducing our magnesium loss and using natural magnesium supplementation that can bypass our intestine. For a guide to eating a magnesium-smart diet – which is trickier than simply eating magnesium-rich foods – click here.)


Reduce magnesium-draining stress

As we know by now, all stress directly depetes magnesium due to our adrenal glands’ dependency on magnesium. To recap, here are the most common forms of magnesium-draining stress:

  • airborne pollution
  • synthetic/processed diet (GMOs, inorganic fertilizers from non-organic produce)
  • psychological and emotional stress *1
  • prolonged exposure to blue/artificial light from digital technology screens  *2
  • WIFI and electromagnetic radiation *3
  • synthetic contaminants from household products
  • daily ingestion of high amounts of fluoride from tap and bottled water
  • intense exercise while in a magnesium-deficient state
  • toxins from plastic bottles that leach into liquid supplements & drinks *4

To reduce or eliminate some of these is straight forward and simply takes effort. We will look at some of the less obvious stressors which contribute greatly to chronic stress and inflammation.

1. Psychological & emotional stress

Stress is a state our body enters. Yet we’re often unaware that when the stressful event has passed, our body is still in a physiologically stressed state. For example, being cut off in traffic is a quick moment, yet our body can stay stressed for hours afterwards. How can we take our body out of this state?

Deep, slow, conscious, rhythmic breathing from your gut. This kind of breathing activates our vagus nerve which disengages our nervous system’s stress response, and puts a halt to magnesium depletion. Taking ten to twenty of these long slow breaths after a stressful event can help ensure that our body doesn’t continue to waste magnesium needlessly.

2. Blue artificial light from digital screens

Our brain’s hypothalamus regulates our sleep, hormone cycles, energy, nightly regeneration and more. Hypothalamic dysfunction is a very harmful stress on our body. What does it need to function properly?

A proper 24 hour cycle of NATURAL light exposure (ie less light after sundown, and more during the day). Our phones, computers and TVs emit an unnaturaly high degree of light from the blue spectrum. When we look at these screens as the sun starts going down, we feed our hypothalamus the opposite of the natural 24 hour light cycle it needs. This blocks our hypothalamus from stimulating melatonin production for the purpose of nightly detox. Thus we may fall asleep, but our sleep is not regenerative! What can we do to reduce this stress?

For computers: F.lux is a free app that automatically adjusts your screen’s light to the time of day in your timezone. Basically, it changes the colour from a strong blue to a more relaxing orange/red hue.

For phones: Twilight is also a free app that does the same thing for your cellphone. You simply turn both of these on one time, and then forget about them and let them work!

3. Wifi & electromagnetic radiation

While cellphones and wifi have not been shown to physically damage our brain right away, this isn’t the only harm that can be done. What has been shown is that similarly to blue light exposure, they can disrupt our brain’s signalling pathways, which is a stress that can lead to eventual serious health problems.  What is a good way to reduce these physiologically disruptive influences?

When you go to sleep, turn off your home’s wifi, and turn your phone on airplane mode before turning it off. If you need your phone alarm, airplane mode turns off wifi reception while still letting your alarm work.

Many people report sleeping more deeply and feeling more rested when making the changes in #2 and #3!

4. Plastic toxins from liquid supplement & beverage bottles

Research over the last decade has revealed the dangers of chemicals like bisphenol A which are found in plastic bottles, and can leach into the liquid contents inside. These hormone-dysruptors chemicals are  a major magnesium-draining stress that have been linked with infertility, lowered IQ and cancer. This is why it’s so important to choose beverages and liquid supplements that come in glass containers.

Very few companies use BPA-free bottles for water, and virtually none use them for magnesium supplements. However even BPA-free bottles are not safe, because there are many other chemicals such as BPS and other unknowns that are not removed in BPA-free bottles. We think providing a liquid health supplement in a toxic plastic bottle is similar to giving you a healthy meal plan with a pack of sodas.

Although it’s unfortunate, iMag is the only company that provides 100% natural liquid Zechstein magnesium in the glass bottle you deserve. This brings us to the last part of this post: the cleanest, safest and most effective way to naturally raise your magnesium levels:

5. The World’s Purest Magnesium

iMag’s magnesium products are rooted in nature and purity. We are happy to carry the world’s purest and cleanest natural magnesium chloride. What makes it the best tool to restore your magnesium?

1. Bioavailability: iMag’s magnesium-chloride is the most biavailable form of magnesium because it has the best possible stability constant: ZERO. This means the human body immediately gets the magnesium with zero work, and can use the chloride for other vital functions like electrolyte balance and stomach function.

2. Absorption/gut issues: iMag is transdermal. This means that it absorbs through your skin when you spray it on and rub it in. This is critical because magnesium is known to cause diahrea when taken orally in the kinds of doses needed to reverse deficiency. iMag’s transdermal product completely bypasses these problems and enters your bloodstream only 20 minutes after you spray it on and rub it in! You can learn how to use it here.

3. Quality & purity: We focus on natural supplements, and iMag transdermal magnesium comes form the world’s only underground and thus unpolluted natural source of magnesium: The Ancient Zechstein Mineral Seabed in the Netherlands, Europe. Learn more here (inlcuding which big companies sell false Zechstein magnesium!).

4. Responsibility and trust: Once again, iMag’s transdermal magnesium is the only natural, liquid magnesium supplement from Zechstein that comes in a glass bottle. What’s the point of taking a liquid health supplement in a bottle that has toxins which further deplete your magnesium?


Thanks for joining us on this Magnesium Basics series. We hope you feel empowered with your new-found knowledge of your most vital substance.  If you want to improve more specific areas of your body, we have free reports for 9 different body parts you can learn about here.

The other critical factor for restoring magnesium is to eat a magnesium-smart diet. Now, while scientists from the International Society for the Development of Research on Magnesium have concluded that it is impossible to maintiain healthy magnesium levels without supplementation, we still recommend eating such a diet because it has other natural benefits, including avoing iron overload, which you can read about here.

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