Chemical reactions make life possible, especially enzymatic ones. Did you know that magnesium is needed for more different chemical reactions in your body than any other vitamin or mineral?

Until recently, scientists estimated this number of bodily processes to be 327. Even this number of chemical reactions was higher than all other nutrients, with zinc trailing at just over 200. However more recent and accurate findings have uncovered that over 3700 different proteins and enzymes in the human body use magnesium! [1]

This means magnesium is needed in our heart, brain, nerves, bones, muscles, skin, digestive organs, DNA and other areas of our body more than all other nutrients, BY FAR!

What exactly is magnesium?

It’s a naturally occurring element of the earth and one of the fundamental atoms of the universe. In that respect, it’s just like calcium, hydrogen, carbon and other elements found on the periodic table.   Here’s the catch:  Plants and animals (including humans) CANNOT MAKE MAGNESIUM. Plants get it from the soil, and animals get it when they eat plants. Magnesium is essential.

How essential? Well we already know that humans need magnesium for over 3700 different bodily functions spread throughout our different body parts. This helps explain why magnesium is considered by biologists as one of the three primary essentials to human life. The other two are water and oxygen! That says something about magnesium’s importance to our health, if it is grouped with air and water!

Just how powerful can magnesium be in our lives?

Imagine you got a single infusion of magnesium, and it benefited your health for up to five years! Watch this video from MgHealth to see exactly that:


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Now that you have a good feel for just how powerful this natural nutrient is, we can continue on with this Magnesium Basics series. In the next post we will look at another video and explanation of WHY magnesium is at the core of human life on this planet, and the two vital functions that we all need it for most. Click here to read the next post.

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  1. The human “magnesome”: detecting magnesium binding sites on human proteins.

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